Dream Theater Tourography

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When Dream and Tour Unite

7/9/1989 Providence, RI

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Venue: The Living Room

Other act(s): No other act(s) or unknown

Set List:

  1. Distant Echoes (intro tape)
  2. A Fortune in Lies
  3. Afterlife
  4. Light Fuse and Get Away
  5. To Live Forever
  6. Ytsejam
  7. The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun
  8. Status Seeker
  9. The Killing Hand
  10. Only a Matter of Time

Vocals: Charlie Dominici

Keyboards: Kevin Moore

Bass: John Myung

Guitars: John Petrucci

Drums: Mike Portnoy

Notes: The WDADU Montage (under the name Distant Echoes), The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun, Status Seeker, and The Killing Hand appear on the "Scenes From a Memory" boot cd.

Releases: Scenes From a Memory