Dream Theater Tourography

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6/9/1990 Bay Shore, Long Island, NY

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Venue: Sundance

Other act(s): Marillion headlined and Heavy Rain opened

Set List:

  1. Creep With Tonality/
  2. Ytsejam (w/ drum solo)
  3. A Change of Seasons (original version)
  4. --- Steve Stone introduced ---
  5. Metropolis pt. 1
  6. A Fortune in Lies
  7. The Killing Hand

Keyboards: Kevin Moore

Bass: John Myung

Guitars: John Petrucci

Drums: Mike Portnoy

Vocals: Steve Stone

Notes: The first three tracks were instrumental. At that point Mike introduced Steve Stone, who sang the remaining three songs. Steve was fired after this show due to his poor performance. Creep With Tonality was the working title for Learning to Live.