Dream Theater Tourography

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Early Dream Theater Shows

2/10/1989 Bay Shore, Long Island, NY

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Venue: Sundance

Other act(s): Winger headlined

Set List:

  1. Star Wars Imperial March (intro tape)
  2. The Crimson Sunrise/
  3. The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun
  4. Status Seeker
  5. Afterlife
  6. To Live Forever
  7. The Darkest of Winters/
  8. Ytse Jam
  9. The Killing Hand
  10. Only a Matter of Time

Vocals: Charlie Dominici

Keyboards: Kevin Moore

Bass: John Myung

Guitars: John Petrucci

Drums: Mike Portnoy

Notes: This was the band's biggest show, at this point in their career.

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